12th international championship Latvia Open 2008

12th international championship on kickboxing "Latvia Open 2008" will take place in Riga from 7th through 9th of March in the sport complex of National Armed Forces on Krustabaznicas street 9...Далее »

Date  7th - 9th of March 2008
Organizers Latvian Kickboxing federation in cooperation with the Sport Department of the Ministry of Education and Science of LR
Brīvības gatve 197/36-202, Riga LV–1039, Latvia
Phone + 371 67272181, mob. phone +371 29219443
Fax +371 67233877
E-mail: budo@dza.lv
Place Sport complex of National Armed Forces
Krustabaznīcas street 9, Riga, Latvia
Registration and  weightening 7th of March 16:00 - 19:00 in the office of the "Martial Arts Centre BUDO", Brīvības gatve 197/36 – 202, Riga, Latvia
Drawing 7th of March 19:30 - 20:30 in the office of the "Martial Arts Centre BUDO"
Seminar for judges 7th of March 19:30 - 20:30 in the office of the "Martial Arts Centre BUDO"
Programme • 8th of March 10:00 - 15:00 and 16:00 - 20:00 (preliminary fights)
• 9th of March 10:00 - 16:00 (finals and awardings, for the 1st place after 3 won fights seniors will be granted the title of «Sport Master of Latvia, black belt»)
at 10:00 championship opening ceremony
at 16:00 banquet for official representatives, judges and coaches
Disciplines and regulations
(WAKO) Full-contact / Low-kick
Juniors (male) 1990 – 1992 (3 rounds х 2 min)
-54 kg, -57 kg, -60 kg, -63,5 kg, -67 kg, -71 kg, -75 kg, -81 kg, -86 kg, -91 kg, +91 kg
Seniors (male) 1989 and older (3 rounds х 2 min)
-54 kg, -57 kg, -60 kg, -63,5 kg, -67 kg, -71 kg, -75 kg, -81 kg, -86 kg, -91 kg, +91 kg
WOMAN PAIRS to be agreed in advance !
Juniors 1990 - 1992 (3 rounds x 2 min)
Seniors 1989 and older (3 rounds x 2 min)
Full-contact / Low-kick
-52 kg, - 56 kg, -60 kg, -65 kg, -70 kg, +70 kg
application_form_for_participation_in_Latvia_Open_2008.doc (92kb)
"Latvia Open 2008" is the official championship for 2008.

All applications for participation in the championship must be submitted before 29th of February, 2008. Participation of sport teams, that did not apply in time, is not guaranteed. Applications can be submitted by fax + 371 67233877 or by e-mail budo@dza.lv  

Each contestant must have a valid identity document (with photo) and a medical certificate, legalised by a doctor and dated earlier then 18th of February, 2008.  
All contestants, who do not have a medical certificate, will not be allowed to compete !  

Each team is itself responsible for all expenses carried by the team (starting fee, accommodation, transportation, food, etc...).

On preliminary agreement with the organizing committee, judges from countries-participants are welcome.

Starting fee is 15,00 EUR per fighter per discipline.

All contestants must have their own protective gear and uniform according to WAKO rules (http://www.wakoweb.com)       

During the registration all international teams must submit to the organizing committee their national flag.

The organizing committee is offering assistance in accommodation. Applications for accommodation must be submitted before 10th of February by fax + 371 67233877 or e-mail budo@dza.lv 
Payment for accommodation should be done during the registration.
Teams that do not submit application for accommodation in time, are themselves responsible for their accommodation.
An official rate of currency exchange on 20.01.2008 is 1 EURO = 0,702804 LVL

Confirmed by LKF executive Council
1st of December 2007
V. Čerņigovs
President LFK

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