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Dear friends, this the information on the Championship of the Europe 2009 on Muay Thai among fans on rules IFMA which will pass in the city of Liepae, from May, 15 till May, 22nd, in the Olympic sports center.
Visa. Latvia is a member of the European Union, so it is included into the Schengen visa zone.
Venue. The championships take place in the new Olympic Centre of the city of Liapāja. Information over the Internet: http://www.loc.lv/?lang=en
Getting to the venue. It will be more convenient first to arrive in Riga (the capital of Latvia) and then travel by coach to Liepāja. Delegations may reach Riga by airplane, train or coach. The Riga Airport is about fifteen-minute drive from the centre of Riga. The bus terminal and railway station are in the very city centre.
There is a regular coach from the Riga bus terminal to Liapāja; the fee is about 10 euros. The distance between Riga and Liepāja is 220 km. By coach, it takes 3.5 hours to cover it.
We can also help national teams to get from Riga to Liepāja, if the team leaders inform us about the details of their arrival in Riga, such as: the arrival date and time, means of transport and number of people arriving. We can solve the problem with your delivery and a fare.
Accommodation. In the city of Liepāja, there will be two three-star hotels reserved for the participants. The preliminary price (without catering expenses) is about 25 euros a night. We will inform about the cost of catering additionally.
Dates of importance
Arrival and accommodating  – 14 May
Opening Ceremony   – 15 May
Finals and Closing Ceremony  – 22 May
Departure     – 23 May
Contact information
Russian (+371) 29 55 59 69  – Vasiliy Fleisher
English (+371) 27 02 85 20  – Nata Karimova

e-mail: taiboks@inbox.lv

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Спортивный Клуб Муай Тай «Fair Fighting».

Место занятий: г. Рига, улица Клейсту 14, средняя школа Аннинмуйжас.
Время занятий:
младшая группа вторник, среда, пятница 16.00-17.30 - Леденёв Станислав
средняя группа понедельник, среда, пятница 18.00-19.30 - Флейшер Василий
старшая группа понедельник, среда, пятница 19.30-21.30 - Флейшер Василий
общии тренировки по ОФП (Обще Физической Подготовке) суббота 11.30-13.00 - Леденёв Станислав, Флейшер Василий
День открытых дверей, открытый ринг воскресенье - 11.30-13.00 - Латвийская федерация Муай Тай Подробная информация по телефону 29555969






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