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Fair Fighting

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С/К Fair Fighting
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Федерация Muay Thai
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We hope that you all had a good start to the New Year and 2008 will be a very important year for Muaythai. We will have the TAFISA Sport For All Games and IFMA World Championships coming up from the 26th September to 2nd October which is for the first time under the patronage of the IOC. I have also been advised that the IOC Forum will be held as part of the Games, so this is a fantastic opportunity for us to make an impact on the IOC. Soon every Olympic Committee will receive the invitation to send their national team and I will travel to Korea very shortly for a meeting with the organising committee to discuss the important details, so please continue to work in accordance with the Olympic structure, especially for the qualification of the national teams.

Secondly, IFMA and Muaythai are again invited to the IOC, Summer & Winter Olympics and GAISF Sport Accord Meeting, which will be held from 2-6th June in Athens, Greece. One of the important agenda points will be the upcoming 2010 Martial Art & Combat Sport Games (the actual name will be decided at the meeting) and I will send you all the information about this soon.

The Contender Muaythai is starting on 16th January in Asia, and an estimated 200,000,000 people will watch it every week – I will keep you informed of all other dates for the rest of the world. This will be the biggest promotion for Muaythai ever staged on television and we are now starting to prepare for Contender Season 2 qualification fights – I will keep you informed. Also, please do not forget big European events – the European Cup in Singen and European Championship in Poland. Please check our homepage for all details.

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Спортивный Клуб Муай Тай «Fair Fighting».

Место занятий: г. Рига, улица Клейсту 14, средняя школа Аннинмуйжас.
Время занятий:
младшая группа вторник, среда, пятница 16.00-17.30 - Леденёв Станислав
средняя группа понедельник, среда, пятница 18.00-19.30 - Флейшер Василий
старшая группа понедельник, среда, пятница 19.30-21.30 - Флейшер Василий
общии тренировки по ОФП (Обще Физической Подготовке) суббота 11.30-13.00 - Леденёв Станислав, Флейшер Василий
День открытых дверей, открытый ринг воскресенье - 11.30-13.00 - Латвийская федерация Муай Тай Подробная информация по телефону 29555969






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